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Clive Wilkinson Catering is part of CWC Malings Ltd, an outstanding contract catering, cleaning and grounds maintenance company operating across the North & Midlands of the UK. We believe that quality and nutrition should be at the heart of everything a caterer does.


Every single day over 1500 people eat meals that come from our kitchens. We pride ourselves on being different, if you are passionate about the quality of food that Children are eating in Schools or the standard of food supplied in our hospitals speak to us about how Clive Wilkinson Catering can transform your onsite catering offering.


Providing a catering service is about so much more than just cooking, its about the supply chain, it's about sourcing foods without harmful additives, it's about eating a rainbow and it's about protecting our planet.


We are passionate about all of this and we want to change the way that food is viewed within Schools, hospitals and workplaces. We want to ensure that every day you are the best version of you, nutrition isn't just for the body, its for the mind too. Enquire about our services today. 

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       Nutrition & sustainability


Clive Wilkinson Catering offer a professionally managed service helping schools, hospitals and businesses as they outsource for the first time.

Our approach is one that makes the whole process easy and stress free, working on reinforcing the current kitchen team, providing innovative training & provoking excitement. We focus ourselves on our teams’ core and culinary skills, improving management systems, building supportive relationships and becoming a part of the school community.

Our professional approach helps us lead in-house teams through the mobilisation period. We spend time getting to understand each of our employees on a personal level, our culinary support and operations team allow all our employees, new and old to feel part of something exciting, a team that is going places and is passionate to provide the best every single day. 

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Emma Burdon

"The whole team were exceptionally professional, nothing was too much trouble and the service provided could not have been better. The food quality was superb with the meal better than any 5* restaurant."