About us.....

Clive Wilkinson Catering is part of CWC Malings Ltd, established in 2007 bringing to market the high quality individually tailored catering expertise of Clive Wilkinson in a format specifically designed for the contract catering market.

The highly skilled management team at CWC Malings has over 30 years of expertise in the industry gained through international, corporate and local focused event management offering a service precisely tailored to the customers’ requirements. 

Focusing primarily on the Educational, Health and Business sectors the company prides itself on offering only the best quality and the highest attention to detail whilst keeping great values and a personal approach at the heart of everything they do.

Initially a Catering company, CWC Malings has expanded over the years and now boasts contracts in Cleaning and grounds maintenance in addition to a strong foot holding in the Catering market, allowing the company to give a complete package to those needing it.

All employees benefit from a comprehensive training package, working with exceptional chefs allowing them to excel in all aspects of their duties. 

CWC Malings prides itself on offering a wide variety of nutritionally balanced food and they strive to continually review and develop their methods to ensure they are always giving a balanced menu choice.

Higher quantity catering often reduces catering quality.  At CWC Malings we use our combined skills to ensure this is not the case. When employing our company to look after your catering needs, the directors of the company work hard to ensure a high quality finish every time. They strive for perfection making them an excellent choice for your workplace.



"Omg - where can I start? Quite simply the best in terms of service, food quality and professionalism. I cannot imagine abother company in the region even coming close..."

Victoria Roberts