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Nutritional Analysis 

Do you need help with your menus? 

Do you feel that your Menus could support your Children or Staff better? 

Are you fulfilling your obligations to offer nutritionally balanced meals with a view on new industry advise? 

CWC offer a consultation service with our director Michelle Sands-Wilkinson. BANT registered she is qualified in Nutrition through North Herefordshire College and she is currently a University of West London Nutritional Therapy Honours degree Student. 

We can offer a consultation service to help you get on the right track when it comes to the food you are offering. Contact us for more details of our packages. 

Green Goodness


Are you using the best suppliers to ensure high quality ingredients? 

Are you getting the best discounts available? 

Do you know where your food comes from? 

Do you want to support the local economy more & use Farmers in your area? 

When working in a busy kitchen you don't always have the time to check that your suppliers are the right ones for your business. Benchmarking involves working with your current suppliers and their competitors and comparing quality of produce and costs. Small tweaks can make huge impacts on your business from both an end product point of view and from a cost point of view. 


CWC offer a Benchmarking service where we take the hard work out of this process and do it all for you. Providing a presentation of our findings we can show you the best suppliers for Fresh, Meat & Store Cupboard Ingredients. We provide a balanced report based on the quality, cost and ethical position of the suppliers, ensuring that you have the knowledge to take your company or School to a new high in terms of the food that you are working with. We can put you in touch with local farmers and large national suppliers to ensure that you are getting the discounts you deserve whilst also supporting your local economy. 

With over 20 years in the Industry we are experienced and can offer results that will make a real impact. To find out more about our benchmarking services please email us. 

Farmers Market