CWC Foundation

CWC  Foundation 

“The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to matter– to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all.” – Leo Rosten

As a company we want to make a difference. The foundation is a new string to the CWC bow and encompasses our strong desire to help others and to make an impact on the people around us. 

We are looking for local Charities that require help from a time perspective that our team can make a positive contribution within. We would also like to hear from any Schools that would like financial assistance to provide a breakfast offering to Children who may otherwise be starting the day on an empty tummy. We understand the importance of nutrition and the part that food plays on helping us to learn and engage in play. Our mission is to ensure that as many children as possible never have to start the day with a rumbling tummy. Our staff are involved in fundraising initiatives across the company and taking part in Charitable events which helps us grow a CWC Foundation pot, allowing us to give back to local communities in ways which we feel are so incredibly important. 

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Food waste is a hot topic, which is something that we have been championing for a long time. We hate food waste, in a world where so many are going hungry it is nonsensical and as a company we work hard to ensure that our food waste is limited and what is unfit for human consumption is recycled and not sent to landfill. 

In all of our sites we have a food waste initiative where all unused food is sent to a anaerobic digestion facility and converted into energy which is then used to power homes. 

Food Waste 

The war on plastic

We are passionate about reducing our plastic use within our kitchens.


We encourage our team to bake and make as much as we can in order to limit the amount of plastic packaging entering our kitchens.


We actively source ingredients that are packaged in recyclable materials in order to reduce our use. We consistently look for ways to reduce our consumption of items that we can not source without plastic packaging by encouraging less use by our end users and actively promoting the use of recyclable alternatives.


Any plastics that we do use are recycled correctly ensuring our contribution to landfill is limited.

Nutrition & The Environment 


Our impact on the planet is always at the forefront of our minds when it comes to designing our menus. The next generation need us to nurture our planet and whilst ensuring our menus are nutritionally balanced we also take time to consider how we are impacting the planet with our actions. With this in mind we have implemented "Green Days" and "Vegan Days" into our schools, we have reduced red meat consumption  and we always use fish that is sourced through a marine sustainability program.

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