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CWC nominated for 4 awards

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

Time to dust off the black tie as we dive head first into awards season!

Over the past few years Clive and his team have been super busy juggling spectacular weddings and parties with the core side of the business, contract catering and cleaning. Busy is an understatement! The commitment to perfection has meant every member of the team working at capacity and focusing on the here and now, then along came little me. As Clive's wife I joined the business in 2016 and my input and time has given the company a chance to reflect and focus on where we, as a business are headed. Incorporating our true values of good nutrition, looking after the planet and offering good value for money.

As many of you will know we sold the event side of the business in 2016 and we have turned our attentions back to where our passion lies. As a contract caterer we play an invaluable role in many schools children, patients and peoples lives every day. We hold an important role and boy do we know it! We have stripped back what we do, turning our attentions to great menus packed with oodles of nutrition, reliable local suppliers and focusing on what we can do to be a responsible sustainable employer when it comes to our planet.

Our focus on what is important has helped us to increase our portfolio, as clients want a more flexible, tailored service that fits their core values we have been able to plug the gap that larger catering companies (that lack the individual approach) have left behind. Which leads me on to the awards, as we begin 2018 we are up for not one, but four awards!

Firstly we are nominated for both "Best independent Business" and Clive is nominated for "Best Businessman" in the Yorkshire Choice Awards. Closing ends soon (on the 15th March 2018). Votes are cast online by going to

The awards evening is held on the 13th April 2018 at Elland Road in Leeds and they are presented by Christa Ackroyd. The awards are in support of St Gemma's Hospice and we are very proud to be associated with this prestigious event.

Yesterday we found out that we are also shortlisted for 2 categories in the Harrogate Business Awards. "Best Rural Business" (something which has felt very apparent of late as we have been battling a large amount of snow in the rural boroughs of Harrogate to get staff to work!) and "Best Family Run Business". I am very proud of the shortlisting for best family run business, not only do Clive and I work together (and stay happily married!) but we also have 3 children who live with us and Clive has 2 older children from his first marriage. All of the children at some point have been involved in the business, even little Noah at 22 months old! The older children have waitressed, the middle children have offered opinions on menus and feedback on their lunches (we cater at their schools) and Noah makes a fabulous taste tester who has recently had the highly acclaimed role of healthy snack tester.....chickpea crisps anyone?? I also feel that when we talk about family we extend that to our team, we are lucky that our team are amazing, many have worked for us for years and are as passionate about what we do as we are. Something which is very much the cherry on the cake.

So cross your fingers for us as CWC move onwards and upwards, we appreciate your support and if you would like to find out more about what we do and how you can be involved, either working with our team or employing our services, drop us an email.

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