Education, Health & Business

Clive Wilkinson Catering services run catering, cleaning and grounds maintinence successfully for a number of establishments acrosss the North & Midlands of England.

School Catering

With a strong success spanning both Independent and state schools (inclusive of full boarding, Primary, Secondry and Further Education)

We invest our time and expertise into enhancing your current offerings, introducing fresh, dynamic menus and popular food concepts that exceed School Food Standards.  Working with a qualified dietician we work hard to provide a healthy, well balanced diet for your pupils daily.  Food plays such an important role for all of us but in particular for Children when we are expanding thier minds and bodies into becoming the next leaders, sportsmen and women and overall representatives of our amazing country. Healthy eating and good hydration from our balanced, thoughtful menus will help to improve pupil behaviour and learning, fostering a child that will have the right nutrition to support thier academic success.  We make as much as we can from scratch, limiting the number of aditives, preservatives, sugar, fat and salt that can be found hidden amongst pre-made foods, a win with both parents and teachers and even amongst the fussiest of children! Our emphasis is on quality catering.
We can introduce various bespoke catering solutions such as cashless systems, online ordering and classroom ordering to make life easier for parents and pupils alike.

We are also delighted to support you with any of your hospitality, cleaning or grounds maintenance requirements.


Clive Wilkinson Catering is proud to work with the NHS offering excellent patient and staff catering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Working with the trust our exceptional policies, flawless infrastructure and a keen eye to detail have made us successful in retaining hospital contracts over a number of years. Keeping to tight budgets we have experience of both traditional cook offerings as well as regeneration.

We also cover grounds maintenance, cleaning and hospitality, retaining excellent results, including playing a part in a recent Nightingale award which was bestowed upon one of our sites for excellent catering and cleaning.


Clive Wilkinson Catering has the expertise to run a range of staff onsite restaurants or coffee bars within the work place. 

We invest our time and experience into developing your current facilities as well as introducing innovative enticing menus that will excite and thrill your staff.  By doing this, we will increase your customer satisfaction, which in turn will improve overall job satisfaction and lead to more productive employees.

We know that when you look after your staff they stay with you for many years, and we are proud to say our staff retention at CWC Malings is impressive (even if we do say so ourselves!)

We provide bespoke catering solutions to suit your requirements. We tailor make our service, offering flexibility and an ability to adapt to differing budgets and styles whilst still keeping our trademark quality that has come to be expected from a CWC Malings Catering service.  We offer solutions for Breakfast, lunch and evening shift catering, as well as hospitality, events, and dinner parties. 

We also offer a comprehensive cleaning and grounds maintenance contract should it be required allowing you to have excellence throughout every aspect of your business provided by one company.